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Ready To Get Fit And Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle?

Being a busy mom has it's drawbacks. We teach moms how to stay active, maintain a healthy lifestyle and support their children


We provide:

  • A clean and safe workout environment (No dirty equipment and over crowded workout areas)

  • Personalized programs and exercise instruction.

  • Nutritional guidance and support.

New Body Architects is Plantation’s #1 Personal Training Studio for moms to get lean, toned, and healthy.

Unlike other studios or group classes with little coaching that often lead to injuries and no results, New Body Architects offers individualized programs in a structured, caring approach to keep you safe and maximize results. 

Our mission is to transform soccer moms into super moms! 

Since 2009, we have helped more than 2,000 individuals achieve their fitness goals and become the best versions of themselves. Our studio has been recognized and awarded Plantations Best Fitness Studio an impressive six times.

Our team shares personal experiences with overcoming fitness challenges to inspire and motivate our clients.

In addition to working with everyday people, we have also worked with celebrities and former pro football players, such as Wes Welker of the New England Patriots and Jack Brewerof the Minnesota Vikings.


Me and Wes Welker a few years ago after a workout. If you don't know who Wes Welker is, google him! One of the BEST to every do it at the slot receiver position. Watch his 30 for 30 episode to get an understanding of what he did for the sport of football.

Getting to spend time with this guy and his wife Anna is definitely a perk of the job!!

Wes Welker

Plantation FL

Guaranteed Results

Get more from your workouts with a customized approach with more supervision and motivation than ever before. Our personal training is helping people of all ages and abilities get fit fast.

Accountability Coaching

Get the accountability and support you need to keep you motivated and on track to reaching your fitness goals.

Customized Nutrition

Eat foods that boots your metabolism without Yo-yo Dieting. Get educated on how to melt fat FAST. We provide guidance and meal plans that are customized to fit your needs and goals!

Personalized Exercise Programs

Feel stronger, more flexible, and energized. Enjoy the ability to chase the kids and live a more active life.

Soccer Moms

Busy Dads

Fitness Enthusiast

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Founder Story

Hi, my name is Dennis Sheppard.

I am the owner of New Body Architects Personal Training Fitness Boutique. I dreamed of becoming a natural bodybuilding champion and owning my own training facility. I was the guy who took pride in his workouts but never really got into extraordinary shape. My body was average at best.

After countless hours and years of struggling, I developed the most powerful fat crushing and muscle toning program in South Florida. My quest helped earn me the men's natural bodybuilding state championship in West Palm Beach (2010)

and numerous other 1st place wins. The good news is that me and my team are here to help you achieve these same great results! You don't have to settle.

If you are serious about really getting fit and becoming a Super Mom. Get started in one of our programs today!

Dennis sheppard


Dwayne Chong


Elana Ramos


What Clients Say About Us


Monica Lopez

Plantation, FL

I came to New Body Architects because I wasn’t happy about how I looked and felt.

Thanks to the support I received from Dennis and Dwayne I completely changed how I looked and felt, but most importantly how much healthier I became. They are very knowledgeable and always make sure to work out every single muscle taking into consideration how you want to shape your body.

I’m glad I found them!


Ilana Reeser

Plantation, FL

Such a great gym! Dennis and his team are very helpful and genuinely care about your progress. I’ve already seen results since joining and I love being held accountable for my workouts and diet. Very glad that my husband and I found New Body Architects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am not fit and haven't worked with a personal trainer before?

A: Our Job is to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle as easy as possible, the less you know the more that we can teach you without having to eliminate bad habits.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: Depending on how much effort you put in and the number of days you train, you can begin to see results in as little as 3-6 weeks!

Q: Will I get help with my diet?

A: YES! We spend a good amount of time with you tweaking and making adjustments to your provided meal plan. Everyone is different so this is where customization comes into play. We are certified in Nutrition and have Licensed Nutrition Experts on staff.

Q: Should I start now or after my vacation, birthday or when the stars align?

A: NOW! In our many years of experience we have seen the trap of procrastination as the number one reason that delays or prevents people from succeeding in life and in fitness. There will always be something standing in your way. Fun time can wait and will be there later, your health and well being will NOT!

Q: What happens if I go on vacation and miss my sessions?

A: As long as you give 24 hour notice of your absence, you can make up any sessions you miss the following week(s). You will never lose sessions unless you no show your appointments.

Q: Will I have access to use the gym when I am not training?

Answer: Yes, access is limited to the hours of operation. We encourage our clients to do their homework and are welcome to do it at the gym so long as access is pre-arranged and during normal business hours.

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